Inter-node designs, installs and maintains digital networks, wireless and optical. Among its services, there are four categories:

inter-node [wi-fi]

This service applies to the distribution of Internet access in public areas by access points, and home from telecommunications towers. Inter-node has also developed a method for distributing wireless suitable for large events.

inter-node [mesh]

The network “mesh” (mesh) to deploy a network with minimal wiring between access points. It fits perfectly to residential complexes, housing cooperatives and the business combination.

inter-node [optik]

This service uses fiber optic network to route from one point to another. In recent years, this method is more economical and allows for exceptionally fast data transfers. Inter-node has the knowledge and tools necessary to connect your network to optical fiber deployed.

inter-node [gate] Inter-node [gate]

The [gate] is a device type SBC (single board computer) compact and robust. It is extremely powerful and can accommodate multiple functions :

Linux router (open-wrt kamikaze) giving access to the wired network EWB
Linux router (open-wrt kamikaze) wireless network giving access to EWB
Router pfSense complete with or without Wi-Fi
Router Microtik complete with or without Wi-Fi

Spécifications techniques du [gate] Technical specifications of the [gate]
Processor: AMD Geode LX800 500MHz 128KB L2 cache
128-bit AES (CBC/EBC) encryption engine
memory DDR DRAM 256MB, 400MHz
512KB 512KB flash memory
storage 1GB IDE SLC Compact Flash
POE + dc jack 7-20vdc 6 watts + mini-PCI + USB
ports: 2x lan, 2x USB, 1x RS232, 1x mini-PCI for wi-fi card

Inter-node uses collaboration and sharing resources to achieve its objectives.

Inter-node’s priority is efficiency.

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